Pellet Stoves

Used Pellet Stoves – Some Reasons Why You May Not Want To Buy Used Pellet Stoves

Even though pellet stoves are designed to last for many years, it is important to realize that they have some complex components.  In addition, if you are looking for a model that includes a boiler or central heating component, it may have some pieces that break down more often than others.  Therefore, you may want to exercise some caution before purchasing used pellet stoves.

Among other things, pellet stoves have an ignition system, as well as a shutoff switch.  If either one of these systems fails, you may find yourself without heat.  Since you purchased a second hand item, chances are you will not have any kind of warranty coverage. Unfortunately, if someone decided to get rid of a pellet stove, chances are it might already be  defective. As with anything else, some used pellet stoves may operate for years without problem, while others may be a disaster.

If you are planning to buy used pellet stoves that include a boiler, or other attachment, the number of problems you encounter can be even more complicated.  Among other things, if the stove is not hooked up, you may not even be able to watch it operate, and find out if there are leaks in the boiler, strange noises, or other problems.

If you are certain that you want to buy used pellet stoves, there are also some other things to look for.  Aside from possible electrical problems, your prospective stove may  have broken bricks in the lining.  While these can be replaced, they can also be very expensive.  Unfortunately, broken liner bricks can make for a danger to your home, as well as reduce the efficiency of the stove.

Typically, wood pellet stoves also include a hopper for feeding convenience.  As with the rest of the stove, this unit is supposed to function for years without problems.  If you purchase used pellet stoves, and then have them shipped to your home, consider that the hopper is the kind of part that can be damaged in shipping.

Finally, if you buy used pellet stoves, you may need to give some additional consideration to how you will get it installed.  In many cases, if you choose a new stove, someone from the store, or the manufacturing company may be willing to install it for you.  On the other hand, if you purchase used pellet stoves, you may have to hire a contractor or try to locate a handy man that performs this service.

Pellet StovesWhen purchasing used pellet stoves, it is important to be aware of the risks involved.  One of the  most important things to watch for are electrical problems.  If the stove is not installed, you will not have an opportunity to learn if these problems already exist.  In more complicated units, you may also learn too late about leaks, strange noises, and other problems.   If you find that there is not much price difference between used pellet stoves and new ones, you may just want to spend the extra money on a new item.

What of Pellet Stove Parts

Even if you do not own a pellet stove for heating purposes, you might want to buy parts that are used in them.  In particular, if you are good at taking things apart and fixing them, used pellet stove parts can help you build a viable sideline business.  As these stoves become more popular, certain components are bound to break down and need replacing.

As with any other business, you will be looking for cheap pellet stove parts that you can fix and resell for a higher price.  You may even be able to find these items in flea markets and junk yards.  Once you have either cleaned up or fixed these pellet stove parts, you can begin the process of looking for customers.

For the most part, pellet stove parts are not complicated.  That said, if someone owns a pellet stove that has a broken brick in the lining, they may well want to replace it.  In some cases, the item that needs to be replaced might simply be an ash pan, or even a hopper.  If you put these items up for sale on a website, or even in an online store, you can make a tidy profit.  Even if you live in a warm climate, chances are you can easily ship some of the smaller and lighter items to your customers.

Today, there are many different kinds of pellet stoves.  Some of vogelzang pellet stove reviews even include boilers and central heating components.  As you acquire a wider variety of  pellet stove  parts, you are bound to need to keep some kind of inventory listing of all the items you have on hand.

Depending on your interests and aptitudes, there are a number of database driven software programs available to help you manage this part of your business.  You may also want to keep track of how much it costs you to acquire each item, and then repair it.  This can also be an immense help in determining how much to charge your customers.

Once you are familiar with pellet stove parts, you may even want to go into business repairing the actual stoves.  If you  live in an area where wood pellet stoves are popular, you may well find yourself with a thriving winter time business.  Among other things, if you already do other kinds of repairs, or yard work, the addition of this new service can help keep you employed all year long.

Final Verdict

As the fuel and financial crisis continue to escalate, people will be looking for alternative methods to heat their homes.  Because pellet stoves are emerging as industry leaders, many consumers will need to have stoves repaired at some point or another.  Similar to automobile repair, there will always be consumers that elect to fix things for themselves.  If you can purchase pellet stove parts, you may be able to start a lucrative business selling to these individuals.  In addition, you may even want to offer your services as a repairman.