Recliner Chair Guide- Your Ultimate Guide for the Best Recliner to Sleep In

Imagine coming home from work, jangled by stress and fatigue and just craving relaxation. No sweat, just seat yourself into a comfy recliner chair for sleep and push back or pull a handle and slide back into a reclining position while propping your feet up on a foot rest or an Ottoman.

Gently, easily, you’re at peace with the world as all tension flows out of your body to be replaced by silken repose. Welcome to the world of recliners, the world’s greatest stress busters.

If you want to sink back into total relaxation, your best choice is a recliner chair. These supremely comfy reclining chairs ease back to a level of your choosing. You can pick a slight incline (perfect for reading) or almost horizontal which allows you to completely let go. Other than providing a haven after long workdays, recliners are perfect for catnaps, reading, listening to music or just letting go anytime.

These fine all-American items date back to 1928 when they were developed by the La-Z-Boy company which is still making recliners today. In the 1950s, the Ottoman stool was added for users to prop up their feet. Modern items feature a foot rest that moves up when you sink back but some die-hards prefer the sheer traditional style of Ottomans.

Nowadays, reclining chairs come in many types including rocker recliner, glider recliner, swivel recliner, wall-hunger (wall saver) and hi-leg recliner chair. Other options include double recliners which are essentially reclining sofas, and loveseats or matching recliners for intimate get togethers. You can even get mini recliners for children. And for relaxing under the stars, you can get special outdoor patio recliners to place in your garden, pool side or terrace. They offer more flexibility and comfort than regular chaise lounges.

One of the reasons recliners work so well to relax the body is that their design is based on the natural contour of the body when seated. It gives you soft yet firm support where you need it. Recliners are stylish, too, and available in a choice of upholstery finishings. Throw in the best electric blanket, and you have the ultimate relaxation suite for sleep.


Best recliner chair for sleep

You have wide range of fabrics, both natural and artificial, to choose from with recliners. Top of the line is leather which though not cheap, will give you up to 20 years of hardy, stylish service. And a leather recliner chair is very easy to clean.

Another durable natural material is wool. As for synthetics, the most popular is microfiber which has the feel of suede but can withstand moisture and wrinkles. You can also get them made in vinyl but this tends to crack. Other materials include cotton and faux leather.

Reclining Chairs Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a recliner, your main considerations should be price, comfort, style, fit and the degree of automation.

The price of your recliner depends on the brand and the materials. Top names using leather and robust steel machinery can be costly but you get your value from years of trouble-free use and fine performance. Quality recliners slide back smoothly and silently by virtue of their fine engineering. If you want the best, opt for an unit crafted from kiln-dried hard wood for the matchless blend of beauty and hardiness.


Comfort is a given with recliners, after all, that’s what they’re designed for. One factor is the type of foam used. Foam has to be solid enough to hold its shape and give support and soft enough the allow you to sink in. For comfort while sitting upright, you should also opt for a model with lumbar support to help your lower back and a tilting, adjustable neck rest is also good.

When it comes to style you can choose from a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles. You many prefer the solid leather club chair feel of the originals or you may plump for modernistic items of steel that you might find in Captain Kirk’s cabin.

As for fit, recliners come in standard sizes which are suitable for most people. If you’re extremely tall, you might look out for a special long one.

Finally you can opt for manual or mechanical recliners. With the former, you simply push back and the chair reclines. To move back into upright you

Mechanical chairs have a switch or lever to work a motor that lowers and raises the chair and leg rest. This is useful for people with some physical difficulty such as back pain.

You can also look for reclining chairs with special features. Many stretchers are starting to add massage therapy and other therapeutic devices. You can now find a vibration, air compression, full body heat massage along with built in lumbar support and neck support via neck rests that can tilt along with you. Other features include built in cup holders, pockets for books and magazines, fold or slide out tables and integrated music players.

With all these styles and functions you’re sure to find the one that best fits your taste, style and needs but don’t forget to think about where you will place the recliner. You’ll need space for your unit to recline back and also for the footstool. Wall huggers require less space than standard recliners.

You can find a complete range of reclining chairs in classic and modern styles at the best prices by visiting the web sites of online furniture vendors. Browse their illustrated pages and find the recliner that’s right for you. Order online, bring a little luxury to your home and get ready to enter a state of blissful relaxation.

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