Love Bug Remover for Cars and Trucks

The damage that Love Bugs cause to your vehicle can reduce the value of your vehicle by many hundreds of $ annually, that is why fast love bug  removal is needed.

Love bugs, which are actually flies, are found attached in pairs, thus the “Love” designation in their name. Found throughout the Southeastern U.S. these bugs take flight and become a hazard to your cars paint job during love bug season when they take flight in April/May and also again in August/September.

Love Bugs Are Acidic to your Cars Paint so you need to remove them as fast as you can


Bugs splattered all over your car obviously don’t look very good and they can be a real pain to clean off, but with “normal” bugs and insects you can often take your time to remove or wash them off. However, with love bugs there is an urgency to remove the splattered bugs from your rolling investment due to love bugs having an acidic nature…WORSE…THE DAMAGE CLOCK STARTS TICKING IMMEDIATLELY UPON Love Bugs splattering on your car.

If you wait beyond this time frame the acidity in the love bugs will begin eating through the clear coat, then into the paint. Although you can still remove the love bugs from your car after this time frame…when the love bugs are removed, also coming off will be some of your cars paint, resulting in a pitted surface. Welcome to the Southeastern US. You have now experienced love bug damage.

What’s the best solution for love bug removal?


BlastOff Love Bug Cleaner


So, that you can PROTECT all of your vehicles during the twice annual love bugs season by EASILY AND QUICKLY removing love bugs acidic bodies from your car. Even if you don’t have time to remove the few remaining love bug bodies after you use BlastOff followed by spraying, the few love bug body parts that remain now have the acid neutralized. So, you can either rub those few body parts off right then while they are soft, or get them a little later when you have time.

The reality for most people is that it is difficult to make (and take) the time to clean love bugs off their autos and trucks at least every other day during these two separate month long love bug seasons. Even if you are fairly diligent, failing to stay up on removing love bugs WILL mean that your multi-tens of thousands of dollar investments in your cars WILL suffer. That’s why we made the best bug and tar remover for cars.

The BlastOff Love Bug Cleaner Kit lasts a full year

The BlastOff Love Bug Cleaner Kit Includes 16 ounces of super concentrated Love Bug Cleaner that once mixed with water will make enough cleaner to make 2 gallons of regular strength cleaner mix…which is enough cleaner to do 32 car love bug removals, using an average of 8 ounces of mix per car cleaning. This is enough cleaner to easily clean love bugs off your vehicle through a complete years worth of love bug assault. In addition to the concentrate, your kit contains a one gallon mixing jug and a 16 ounce spray bottle.

Simply spray on BlastOff Love Bug Cleaner mix with the 16 ounce spray bottle. Let it sit for about a minute, then high pressure spray the love bugs off. No need for hand wipes, dryer cloths, scrubby brushes, squeegees or any other time consuming hand work that can damage your cars finish. Just spray on, let sit, and then spray off. You can clean love bugs off your car and be done in under five minutes, meaning that you are much more likely to do the love bug removal task that your car needs, when it needs it before Love Bug Damage occurs.

BlastOff Love Bug Cleaner is Absolutely

the Best Love Bug Removal product available

and is safe for All Vehicle Colors…

plus…it is Biodegradable

Love Bug BlastOff has been developed by specialists in the automotive car care and washing business. It is safe for all vehicle colors and is non staining. Because it works so quickly at removing love bugs from car paint, even with their acidic composition, it obviously works extremely well when you want to remove any other bugs from your car as well. BlastOff Love Bug Cleaner works great as a windshield bug remover too.

So, how much is it worth to you to have a years worth ( 2 love bug seasons) of protection for your car? Only you can answer that. But with our BlastOff Love Bug Cleaner Kit you will experience the easiest Love Bug Removal ever, as well as the best car Love Bug Remover acid neutralizing product availabe for $21.95 plus $5.45 for shipping and handling.