How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

A well designed office desk chair certainly makes your day more enjoyable. Just think about the countless hours you spend in front of your computer or sitting and working the phones. How about your staff or the patients in your waiting area, or the clients that are sitting right in front of you? How long have they been there? Two minutes? Six hours? No problem. With the proper office desk chair in your home or office, everyone wins!

Health can absolutely be positively influenced by a comfortable office chair. Any well regarded office desk chair producer knows that good posture is very important in preventing backaches or even injury; this is the reason these companies take the time to implement adequate lumbar support into their chairs. Decent back support can help reduce the pressure on your spine from sitting in your office desk chair for those extended work-a-thons, and will let you stand tall at the end of the day!

A decent office desk chair is no one trick pony; it has lots of tricks up its sleeve. Adjustable seat height, a backrest that can be adjusted vertically and front to back, and a backrest that can adjusted vertically and front to back are just a few of the options to look for. Wheels, or castors, will have you easily moving from one job to the next and if you like, you can even find your perfect office desk chair with a tilting headrest or adjustable armrests!

The material your office desk chair may be available in can be anything from cloth to leather. Do you like black leather? You can find it. Maybe a zebra print back with a white seat? That can be yours. The only restrictions you’ll find are how long you want to look for your chair, and the amount of money you’d like to spend.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, keep in mind that there are tons of options available; color, shape, size – it’s entirely up to you. Don’t be overwhelmed. Simply keep in mind what is important to you in a decent office desk chair. Remember that support and adjustability are top priority, and then just have fun and keep your eyes open for something that works within your budget.